Benefits of Working With SPS

SPS are legacy leasehold liability specialists with a long and robust track record in helping companies shed unwanted problem properties.

You give us your liabilities and we take care of your problems.  It’s all we do.

Outsourcing your property liabilities to us will:

  • Allow your in-house property team to focus on core operational properties and not get dragged into the management of unwanted and often difficult properties;
  • Ensure that surplus properties are being given the focus they need, not being left to bleed money in the corner;
  • Save you money by paying a specialist less than it would cost to do the job yourself;
  • Transfer risk, clean up your balance sheet and in many cases streamline your entity structure;
  • Remove unwanted leases from the corporate agenda.

Sellers never take more financial or operational risk than they were taking before – but from Day 1 they reduce that risk by entrusting their problem to us as specialists.

And we can deal with large numbers of retail, office and industrial leases across the country.

What our counterparties and clients say:

"This deal enables our Estates team to focus on our sizeable store portfolio where we are continually striving to deliver a great retail experience for our customers. We can now do this in the knowledge that the experts at SPS are aligned with our interest of driving redundant property costs out of our business." Charles McKendrick, Head of Asset Management, Morrisons Plc


"This deal with SPS has, in a single transaction, enabled us to refocus our resources on our operational estate. We found SPS had exactly the right approach and experience to do the deal." Andrew Thexton-Pee, Senior Estates Surveyor, Carillion Plc


"Reported (surplus) property provisions total £4 billion, which represents almost 9% of the total provision reported by (the top 200 companies in the FTSE Index). For those reporting a property provision this equates to 0.5% of turnover..." GVA Grimley, “The Impact of Property on UK Business”, Spring 2008

"The sale of Rentokil's surplus leasehold liabilities was an innovative transaction. Passing cash and some £35 million of long term liabilities over to a 3rd party was heavy with risk, and in these circumstances we were acutely aware that success could only be judged over the medium term. The project is all about delivering hard won surrenders, sub-lettings and dilapidation claims. The testament to the skills of SPS is that 90% of the liabilities have already been extinguished." Robert Bailey, In-sourced Property Director, Rentokil.


"This transaction is the fourth major leasehold liability transfer in the past 18 months and demonstrates how the market is continuing to mature. We are now seeing unprecedented levels of activity and expect further portfolios from both public and private sector occupiers to come to the market during the course of this year." Kevin Vickers, Partner, Cushman & Wakefield

"Above all SPS provide insight and understanding to the somewhat arcane world of leasehold liabilities and other property related issues as well as offering solutions that have enabled us to transfer risk on a cost effective basis. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone trying to deal with the complicated or difficult liabilities." James Scott, Managing Director, RBS Equity Finance.